Right place, right time

How could I have neglected my blog for this long?  To my loyal readers, though you may be few, my sincerest apologies.  The past few months have been busy with life things, weddings to perform, and many little trips with the Hubs.  You cannot imagine how crazy my life has been.  Or maybe you can.  How many of you have tried to sell your home?

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Boys and their toys

Electronicals. If you married a techie as I did, you probably have a multitude of different electronicals around the house. We have Wii, PS1, PS2, PS3, PS Move, PSMobile, DVD players, TVs, Apple TV, computers, tablets, iPhones, Androids, etc. etc. I’m not saying all of this so that someone will rob me.  I’m just astounded by just how many electronicals you can collect.  As technology is racing towards a finish line that will never come, how many electronicals will you welcome into your life? Are they taking over?

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Fuzzy wuzzy was a…. wife.

I got married in September which equals 6 months of good, bad, sleepy, cranky, sexy, cuddly love. We’ve officially moved in together and combined our lives. I’ve even started the name adjustment process; since I’m keeping it all in some crazy capacity, I feel like I have an identity crisis. What name does the doctor have, what address do you have for me, what name did I use??? But I digress. Another blog, another time.

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NASALCATION: “It started out like a song….”

I married a patient and loving guy.  Everyone who knows him cannot say anything but lovely, kind things about him.  He married a crazy, over the top, singing loony tune and he adores me too.  Lucky be this lady. We both bring awesome to the table.

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Health Crusade 2014

I just started my health crusade 2014.  I’m determined to get healthier this year and feel better!  I’m tired all the time, sleep deprived, can’t lose weight and am just a mess;  for an early 30s gal, that is NO BUENO.  So I’m plunging in by seeing every single doctor I can, a perk to marrying a man with fabulous health insurance. I’ve been an animal about it and I never thought I would enjoy going to doctors. Continue reading