Fuzzy wuzzy was a…. wife.

I got married in September which equals 6 months of good, bad, sleepy, cranky, sexy, cuddly love. We’ve officially moved in together and combined our lives. I’ve even started the name adjustment process; since I’m keeping it all in some crazy capacity, I feel like I have an identity crisis. What name does the doctor have, what address do you have for me, what name did I use??? But I digress. Another blog, another time.

I have been with Hubs for almost 5 years. We are close and open with each other, always have been. There are bodily noises that happen, no makeup days, sick days, and no shower days. This blog is not dedicated to farts, burps, pimples, and hairy legs but instead…………………… to my eyebrows. Or what they once were.

I looked in the mirror as I got ready for work this morning and was appalled at my eyebrow situation. What once were two…sigh! I have two misshapen eyebrows that I hide with glasses where there used to be manicured and threaded frames for my eyes. Come to think of it, my hair needed a keratin treatment, my skin was due for a facial, tiny greys popped out of my ponytail, and I needed a pedicure so bad I felt sorry for my shoes. The usual, well-manicured woman had crumbled to an ill-kempt schlump.

This is no way points a finger at my husband who would love me regardless but wow I needed to take care of myself. I do blame the institution of marriage a tad! Haha! I’m comfortable and happy which accounts for the extra spare tire around my waist too.

I’ve heard that this happened to a lot of friends in the beginning of their journeys together as husband and wife. It’s all about the quality quiet time, having company over, and being the perfect spouse, enjoying the time before we becomes three. We get into the flow of life, and we officially merge; we assert our new couple power- it’s all part of the newlywed phase. We focus on the other person so much that we forget about ourselves. I find myself doing that sometimes and it’s my husband that reminds me to hello be good to myself and let him take care of me too. It is such a balance but such an easy concept. Let Hubs help. I should have a TV shirt made.

So with that simple blog theme, I will take care of myself a little better from now on. Break out the thread, dye, tweezers, razors, masks, etc!

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