BRIDE GUIDE: Registries are better than Santa.

This is a totally selfish and shallow post and I will love every moment of writing it.  Demi and Michael got nuthin on my Disclosure! (90s movie anyone?)

Registries are literally the best things to happen to a future couple, oh you know, besides the whole engagement, marriage and eternal love thing.  They literally are better than Santa.  They might be better than Disney. Whoa I just said that.  Never again in your adult life will you be able to make a list telling people what you would like and have them get it for you.  This is a once in a lifetime experience and opportunity.  Savor the flavor and go big or go home.

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When I first started going to weddings, I actually dreaded getting a “plus one.”  I was single and didn’t know who to bring.  Do I bring my gay bestie or a guy I’d dated a few times?  If I go alone, how many times will I be asked who I’m dating?  When is my wedding going to be? How is my career? It just opens the door WIDE open to why my life wasn’t complete yet or at least that’s how I felt.  A part of me was single and ready to mingle.  The cliché tells us that weddings are a place to meet hot dudes who are thrilled for their romantic buddy. If I catch the bouquet, I could be next! Squeal…. and barf. LOL.

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