NASALCATION: “It started out like a song….”

I married a patient and loving guy.  Everyone who knows him cannot say anything but lovely, kind things about him.  He married a crazy, over the top, singing loony tune and he adores me too.  Lucky be this lady. We both bring awesome to the table.

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Health Crusade 2014

I just started my health crusade 2014.  I’m determined to get healthier this year and feel better!  I’m tired all the time, sleep deprived, can’t lose weight and am just a mess;  for an early 30s gal, that is NO BUENO.  So I’m plunging in by seeing every single doctor I can, a perk to marrying a man with fabulous health insurance. I’ve been an animal about it and I never thought I would enjoy going to doctors. Continue reading