Concierge Corner: Just the First Dose

“Good morning, thank you for calling the concierge desk, how may I assist you?” It feels like the big run on sentence that is my life.  Last week was the 3rd anniversary of me becoming a concierge.  It’s made me think a lot about what happens at my desk every day.

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Robin Williams. Geniuses like him do not exist anymore.  This man invented funny. He made it a new art form.  He was gifted, talented, blessed and cursed by his own demons.  He was an inspiration to me in so many ways as he should be to any actor.  Robin Williams was the master, a legend.  He will be missed every day.  We will always wonder what else he had up his sleeve.


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Right place, right time

How could I have neglected my blog for this long?  To my loyal readers, though you may be few, my sincerest apologies.  The past few months have been busy with life things, weddings to perform, and many little trips with the Hubs.  You cannot imagine how crazy my life has been.  Or maybe you can.  How many of you have tried to sell your home?

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