BRIDE GUIDE: The Kid Factor- Shiny, happy people holding hands

Shiny, happy people holding hands… Yes B-52s! Who loves some Love Shack?

Oh hi there.  I’m just hanging out, thinking about my wedding day and remembering some of the drama that ensued about a certain subject.

So yes I’m going to touch the touchy subject of children at a wedding. Saddle up. Continue reading

BRIDE GUIDE: All I see is a sea of white….

Maybe I should start with all I see is red because finding my wedding dress was not a part of the planning I was looking forward to.  So many people say how magical it is and how you’ll just know.  I just knew I saved that until last. I wrote down my thoughts on the whole ordeal right after it happened and it is such an important share. Enjoy!

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Bride Guide: Shhhh it’s a big white secret!

When I found THE DRESS to wear on my wedding day, I deleted my entire wedding gown board from Pinterest.  I don’t think I have shared my affinity for Pinterest yet but don’t you worry, it’s coming!  For awhile there was no facebook, there was no Candy Crush, there was no phone- there was only Pinterest.  I was obsessed when I first joined and let abandoned my pinning to plan my wedding.  I’m back in full effect now though! Continue reading

Bride Guide: “You betta shop around!”

I wrote this exactly one year ago on my former blog.  I edited it to reflect my views now but I loved going back to that time in my life, planning for the big day! Continue reading