Ants in my pants

For today’s blog, I think it needs to represent my current mood. ¬†So often I’m goal oriented and driven and excited about everything that’s going on and I just can’t wait to share it with all of you.

Today I’m antsy.

I think the only way to illustrate this is to use visual aids, don’t ya think? ūüėČ

anxious beeker

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Eatin’ Tour 2015

OK I cannot contain my excitement anymore. ¬†I’m bursting to share details of my vacation! ¬†I think that’s why I have a blog; spilling my guts is so much fun and even better when I have cool things to spill my guts about!!!! ¬†One of the most exciting things about my life this year is EATIN’ TOUR 2015!¬† Continue reading

Enjoy the In-Between

I think we can all agree that this winter has been a rough one in the Northeast. ¬†I myself have become a hermit alongside my husband. ¬†Our heated mattress pad has been our best friend. I haven’t written this blog for weeks; I have spring fever like whoa. Hubs and I have really been trying to distract ourselves from all of our goals that we’re “waiting” on, the things we have no control over and have to be patient about. We’ve been having tons of fun distracting ourselves though with vacations, dinners out, and binge watching on Netflix. ¬†Most days I dare not think about the big things we have cooking for our life together because if I do, I’m sure they will all end in the same kind of sobby mess that occurred just a few weeks back. ¬†The aftermath? I just can’t stop myself from embracing my Type A personality and starting to plan. ¬† But I’m way ahead of myself. ¬†It all began with my other husband….

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Concierge Corner: Prison Break

I was originally going to write a fabulous blog about aging in theatre and into your dream roles. Don’t worry because that blog is coming. ¬†Really exciting stuff if I do say so myself. But then I got to work. And I started talking to people. And all the people were assholes.¬† Continue reading

Year in Review

2015. Holy shit. How did we all get here? Pardon me for sounding clich√© but didn’t it feel like this year just flew by? It seems like yesterday I adopted this mantra to just Keep Calm and write a blog about my life. Continue reading

Concierge Corner: Bah to your humbug.

As many people know, I’m a pretty tough broad. ¬†I always have a lot going on in my life and I deal, for better or worse. Whether it’s a good or a bad day for me, I always do a great job at work. Smile it up, give as much info as I can, try to make sales and help people. That’s the perfect generalization of my job. I’m good at it and I rarely, if ever, struggle with it; it is what it is. ¬†That being said, sometimes during the holidays my patience is pushed to the very edge of the cliff to where I think I will fall off into a giant cartoon poof of smoke. ¬†My name is Cari, happy holidays and I will NOT be your biatch during your stay here in the Big Apple. Welcome. Continue reading

Case of the Mondays…. Wait, what day is it?

There is no avoiding it. ¬†As I hum the popular 80s tune in my head, I feel anxious, fidgety, and ready to go home already. ¬†It’s definitely Monday on this breezy Tuesday morning.

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Concierge corner: This girl is on fire.

I deal with guests that are super crazy, like every day. Yes I sometimes can get snippy but 95% of the time I am lovely, charming even.  No one is ON 100% of the time and if you are, you are a robot.  I like being human.

For example, when I had to tell a woman about the plot for every Broadway musical and then she left to get cheap tickets, I said okay BUH-BYE, BIATCH… in my head.

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