Year in Review

2015. Holy shit. How did we all get here? Pardon me for sounding cliché but didn’t it feel like this year just flew by? It seems like yesterday I adopted this mantra to just Keep Calm and write a blog about my life.

I’m so grateful to the few but vital readers I have here.   I cannot thank you enough for joining me on this journey; you are my inspiration to write.  I know I have something to say and you may be few but you are my most important listeners.  You bring my words to life by reading them.  I never could have imagined that this blog would be…. freeing. It feels safe to think and ponder aloud.  I’ve explored life, marriage, cooking, crockpots, those damn macarons, the biz/theatre, the holidays, and of course my bride guide tips.  I’ve ranted, I’ve raved, and I’ve gone on for days.  (Is that a song?  Maybe I should write it.  LOL.)  Social Media is an amazing thing.  Fucking amazing.  It’s vast and limitless and anyone can be a part of it. I don’t know a single person who doesn’t have a Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TimeHop, or all of the above.  We can all join and say what we think.  I like that. What I like the most is having my own space, “my own little corner” to say what I think and how I feel. (That is a song; R &H, I thank you for the right words.)

Around this time of year, so many people focus on a new start.  A clean slate. Work out, Lose 50 pounds, Get on Broadway, Live life, Connect with God, Make it Count, and on and on and on with the mantras we have all heard from one friend or another. Resolutions. They are all the rage in January, and by February/March so many of us have abandoned the goals we set for ourselves early in the year. I started this blog with New Year’s Resolations, and I followed up that post with No More Waiting and its Update.  Being the realistic person I am, instead of making New Year’s Resolutions last year, I made my resolutions Two Year Resolutions.  I am a work in progress and so is this blog. Why force ourselves to rush through something that is supposed to be a lasting change?  If we make a resolution, it’s because we want to change, update, or better ourselves in some way. We always want more but we cannot demand it or we won’t earn it.  I probably will always be working on most of these things! Things don’t just happen overnight but hard work can pay off in the end. 6 pack abs don’t come quick; either does changing your name or figuring out the ins and outs of a marriage or getting on Broadway, at least it hasn’t come that easy to me.  I’ve worked hard for everything I have, and this blog Keep Calm and Cari On is about taking it all in.  It’s about living and breathing a life where I’m just trying every day to find the things that make me happy. No worries.  Hakuna Matata. I’m just trying to live that this year. My year of progress…. PrAHgress or prOgress…. I feel like I did both.

So what would this year in review be without a review of my Two Year’s Resolutions?  Here we go.

Marriage— I officially have the same name as my husband.  I still need a passport but gimme a break- everything else is done! I just love my Hubs and learning about him and from him every day.  He shows me all the time how love can grow and get better (even if he doesn’t know he’s doing that!). We really have learned to take better care of each other this year, to fully support each other in our dreams and everyday lives. We have a lot of things to accomplish together and we’re a great team. I hope this is a resolution I always make, to work on us and to better us. We’re always growing.

Body— Unfortunately so is my waistline.  Oh happiness, I wish it came with a pill to keep the pounds off. I deserve to feel better and I’m still trying to figure out where to pull some energy for myself. I just started a new supplement so we shall see!  I’m making smarter choices and I cannot wait to play with my Christmas present from Hubs– a trampoline! Oh, yeah. You read that right.

The BIZ– Oh this is STILL a big one. I feel like I didn’t get far this year but I’m finally cherry picking all of my album songs after many restarts.  Auditioning is still up in the air but I’m feeling closer. Headshots are something I’m shying away from because of the above issue but I need to just bite the bullet and go for it. I am more than enough. I deserve to succeed. I still have what it takes and more to offer.

Finances— Looking better.  Feeling ready. A house and a trip to Europe are seriously at my fingertips but I haven’t gripped them just yet. All in due time. Credit card balances are looking good and I feel responsible and adult-y. (Until Europe is booked, Disney will have to do!  LOL!  YAY the yearly pilgrimage!)

Master French Macarons— Those damn macarons.  No one can say I haven’t tried.  I think I’m finally getting closer. Thanks for the Silpat, Mom!  I won’t give up.

Reach Out— I feel like I really did this, with some more than others.  I made the effort. I just have to remind myself to keep it up and remember how much it can mean to the people who matter most.  I kept myself at arm’s length

BE ON TIME— For work, CHECK.  I’m a new woman but for social gatherings, eh!  I’m a human with long hair.

Other silly things like make T-shirt quilts, read 20 books, and making wedding keepsakes are things I’m working on too.

FINISH WHAT I START— By the end of this year I will have accomplished all my tasks at hand and continue working on the lifelong goals and resolution.  I’m a finisher. I will succeed.


Blog– I launched it!  That’s cool!  I have some followers and that’s even cooler!  Here I am and I urge you to stick around and invite your friends. I do some crazy shit and have so much more in store for 2015.  I’m literally just getting started.

Thanks for following.  2015, I’m ready for ya.

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