Year in Review

2015. Holy shit. How did we all get here? Pardon me for sounding cliché but didn’t it feel like this year just flew by? It seems like yesterday I adopted this mantra to just Keep Calm and write a blog about my life. Continue reading

Crock Pottery: Part 2 (and 3!) 

Hello crock potters! Pot Crockers? Crock Pottery works best, I think! Thoughts?

So, in my first blog on Crock Pottering, I tackled my first big cook of freezer meals.  I used a lot of Six Sisters  recipes and they came out great.  They really do an awesome job putting together wholesome and also delicious meals.  We made their Cilantro Lime Chicken with Black Beans and Corn, Black Bean Taco Soup, Hearty Beef Stew, and then I combined recipes for Pulled Pork Carnitas and Teriyaki Chicken from several different sources.  That is right, we!  Hubs and I did this as a team effort.  He chops and I assemble. I also cook all the stuff that needs a little warming before it’s off to freezer land.  Great outcome, bonding time, and healthy meals to boot. Continue reading