“No More Waiting…” Update!

So with my husband out-of-town for the weekend, I promised that I would get some stuff done like I said I would in my No More Waiting… blog entry. Go check it out!

I’m proud to give you an update on almost everything I reported on!  Whoo hoo! (Wait, did you read that entry? Go back a few steps and read that so this makes sense!)  Continue reading

Crock Pottery: Part 2 (and 3!) 

Hello crock potters! Pot Crockers? Crock Pottery works best, I think! Thoughts?

So, in my first blog on Crock Pottering, I tackled my first big cook of freezer meals.  I used a lot of Six Sisters  recipes and they came out great.  They really do an awesome job putting together wholesome and also delicious meals.  We made their Cilantro Lime Chicken with Black Beans and Corn, Black Bean Taco Soup, Hearty Beef Stew, and then I combined recipes for Pulled Pork Carnitas and Teriyaki Chicken from several different sources.  That is right, we!  Hubs and I did this as a team effort.  He chops and I assemble. I also cook all the stuff that needs a little warming before it’s off to freezer land.  Great outcome, bonding time, and healthy meals to boot. Continue reading

BRIDE GUIDE: Who you gonna call?

On your wedding day, you wake up in disbelief.  After months or even years of planning, the big day has finally arrived.  You take an extra long shower, you shave, you scrub, you dab perfume everywhere, you lie on your bed lathered in coconut oil (or was that just me?). Your friends arrive. Your mom cries. You get your hair done, you get your makeup done, and you put your clothes on. You feel the most elegant you have ever felt. Then you walk down the aisle to the man of your dreams. Then you will dance the night away atop your monogrammed dance floor. And everything will you planned will go off without a hitch, right?

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BRIDE GUIDE: “The best things happen while you’re dancing….”

I cannot wait to embarrass my Hubs with this post. I saw my Hubs, shaking that ass. I saw him shaking it all over our condo. He would dance in his towel, when he made dinner, when he won his PS3 game, but what I wondered was how my Hubs-to-be would do when it was his time to shine for our first married dance.

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Concierge corner: This girl is on fire.

I deal with guests that are super crazy, like every day. Yes I sometimes can get snippy but 95% of the time I am lovely, charming even.  No one is ON 100% of the time and if you are, you are a robot.  I like being human.

For example, when I had to tell a woman about the plot for every Broadway musical and then she left to get cheap tickets, I said okay BUH-BYE, BIATCH… in my head.

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