Concierge Corner: Bah to your humbug.

As many people know, I’m a pretty tough broad.  I always have a lot going on in my life and I deal, for better or worse. Whether it’s a good or a bad day for me, I always do a great job at work. Smile it up, give as much info as I can, try to make sales and help people. That’s the perfect generalization of my job. I’m good at it and I rarely, if ever, struggle with it; it is what it is.  That being said, sometimes during the holidays my patience is pushed to the very edge of the cliff to where I think I will fall off into a giant cartoon poof of smoke.  My name is Cari, happy holidays and I will NOT be your biatch during your stay here in the Big Apple. Welcome. Continue reading

BRIDE GUIDE: The Kid Factor- Shiny, happy people holding hands

Shiny, happy people holding hands… Yes B-52s! Who loves some Love Shack?

Oh hi there.  I’m just hanging out, thinking about my wedding day and remembering some of the drama that ensued about a certain subject.

So yes I’m going to touch the touchy subject of children at a wedding. Saddle up. Continue reading