Truly Outrageous

I grew up in the 80s and 90s.  I consider myself a part of the Oregon Trails generation rather than a Millennial even though by definition I fit in that grouping. I danced in my living room to cassette tapes, played dress up and Barbies, and watched TGIF.  When I look back at the things I loved and enjoyed before technology, it was a truly pure existence I led, the age of my youth and innocence.  In that world of Barbies, Care Bears, Full House, She-Ra, Pound Puppies, Hugga Bunch, Cabbage Patch Dolls, My Little Pony, Fashion Plates, Muppet Babies, Popples, Cricket and Corky, and Adventures in Pooh Corner, I’d break out my Fisher Price Tape Recorder and pretend that I was the best of them all, the rock star with the pink hair.  Continue reading

Trying out the roller coaster…

When you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all.  Well the same goes if you have SO much good to report.  I haven’t written in probably one of my longest stretches since I started this blog.  I’m back from vacation and my mini hiatus with so much on my mind, good and bad.  It’s time to put it all in perspective.
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2015 pristine

These days I’m all about pursuing my dreams, getting what I want my way!  I’ve spent so much time waiting for things to come my way and I’m very proud of myself for getting some thangs DONE!  It’s crazy how fast time flies and then I neglect my blog more than normal!  One day when I’m not plagued with work I will get better about writing more consistently but for now, I just hope you all stick with me!  I have great stories to tell! Continue reading

My life in art.

Hi all! Gosh, I’ve been so lax about writing these days.  But I’ve been so super busy! I miss sharing my thoughts but it’s time you learned why I’ve been so neglectful. It’s time to share my BIG project that is finally going down THIS WEEK and the hell it all happened. You’ve expected it for a while but the time has finally come!  Here’s the scoop… Continue reading

Album teaser!


For those of you following me, you’ve read that I’ll be independently releasing my album in September. I’m collaborating with such great people and I’m very proud to get this going.  I hope it is only the beginning of a long line of albums to come.  Here is a teaser because I am so excited about the song lineup!  Can’t wait to share it all with you soon!  Please share this with your friends.  My blog readers will be the first to get the inside scoop!



There are eyes everywhere.

Last week I went back to auditioning.  I haven’t been in quite a while and I only plan to go to the big stuff but I auditioned for 2 Broadway shows before noon.  For anyone in the trenches, you know that that can sometimes be quite a feat. It felt great, scary, weird, stupid, meaningless, huge, amazing, annoying and a million other things I could conjure up.  The general feeling of why is still there for me. I love being able to sing, make people smile, tell a story, and illicit feelings within my audience and myself.  The more I sat and observed the perimeter, I realized how crazy the business just keeps on getting.   Continue reading

Those were the days!

What on this earth could I be talking about? There are so many ways that this post can go. As a younger woman, I could bring up the days of trick or treating with friends, the days of high school or college silliness, or even a sarcastic play on the days before Hubs was in my life.

NOPE. Today I’m talking about what I know, and what I know is musical theatre. Or at least what I thought I knew… Continue reading

Faith, Trust and a Vacation of Clarity

Hello my faithful readers!

This is the post I’ve been waiting to write, the post I dreamed of, the post that will be the most important post of any post I will ever post………  Continue reading