There are eyes everywhere.

Last week I went back to auditioning.  I haven’t been in quite a while and I only plan to go to the big stuff but I auditioned for 2 Broadway shows before noon.  For anyone in the trenches, you know that that can sometimes be quite a feat. It felt great, scary, weird, stupid, meaningless, huge, amazing, annoying and a million other things I could conjure up.  The general feeling of why is still there for me. I love being able to sing, make people smile, tell a story, and illicit feelings within my audience and myself.  The more I sat and observed the perimeter, I realized how crazy the business just keeps on getting.   Continue reading

Out of the ashes comes a new song.

I have not been auditioning for the past three years.  No, I didn’t quit the biz. ‘t you asked the me back then if this was all possible, I would have looked at you like you were on crack.  I’m always auditioning.  Well, for the right thing…. if I’m not working… if I’m not sick… if my new headshots are done… if my agent can get me an appointment…. if… if… if…

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