Fuzzy wuzzy was a…. wife.

I got married in September which equals 6 months of good, bad, sleepy, cranky, sexy, cuddly love. We’ve officially moved in together and combined our lives. I’ve even started the name adjustment process; since I’m keeping it all in some crazy capacity, I feel like I have an identity crisis. What name does the doctor have, what address do you have for me, what name did I use??? But I digress. Another blog, another time.

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Out of the ashes comes a new song.

I have not been auditioning for the past three years.  No, I didn’t quit the biz. ‘t you asked the me back then if this was all possible, I would have looked at you like you were on crack.  I’m always auditioning.  Well, for the right thing…. if I’m not working… if I’m not sick… if my new headshots are done… if my agent can get me an appointment…. if… if… if…

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