Sarraghina in NINE, Westchester Broadway Theatre

“Reason 6: Cari Chrisostomou, as the lusty, funny prostitute, Sarraghina, who teaches a young Guido the key to being irresistable in “Ti Voglio Bene”/“Be Italian,” the musical’s lively anthem.  Chrisostomou chooses to play Sarraghina without the air of menace others have, making the memory sweeter for Guido, devoid of the judgment of his mother and the nuns at St. Sebastian. The actress gives the role everything she has, in a performance that lingers in the mind.” Joe Kramer,

“This new revival expertly directed with savvy skill by Jonathan Stahl hits the mark because he has fashioned it similar to the inventive original production. Stahl trusts the intuitiveness of the actors to understand their respective roles and no gimmicks are necessary….Cari Chrisostomou provides ample lustiness to her role as the prostitute Sarraghina, whom Guido remembers as a child. She performs the catchy “Be Italian” with ribald amusement.” Joseph Cervelli,

“…..the “Be Italian” scene with Cari Chrisostomou as Sarraghina was SPECTACULAR!!  Would see it again if not just for her…..”  — Debra T.

“Robert Cuccioli as Guido and Glory Crampton as Luisa were outstanding. The “Be Italian” scene with Cari Chrisostomou was a knock-out.  The show was so much more effective than the movie with all its special effects.  The costuming and stark set really were fabulous.  It was a wonderful evening of adult theatre, and I recommend this performance for adult audiences.”  — Carol


Irena Synkova in I NEVER SAW ANOTHER BUTTERFLY, NYC Assembly Hall

“Great energy, the stage was alive whenever you were on.” Bob Ost


Rita LaPorta in LUCKY STIFF, Broward Stage Door Theatre 

“But one bright spot in “Lucky Stiff” is Cari L. Chrisotomou as Rita La Porta, the legally blind Italian wife of a gangster who runs an Atlantic City casino. Chrisotomou injects most of the comedy in “Lucky Stiff” by pitching an arrestingly eccentric banter through peaks and valleys. Rita embezzled 6 million dollars in diamonds from her mafia spouse, and cheated on him with Uncle Tony. She mistakenly shot Tony and now she’s after Harry and the jewels before her husband finds out the money is missing. ” South Florida Sun Sentinel

“The cast of 10 strong singers chew the scenery as the script demands. Handley is a pleasant if fey Everynerd but he has an expressive, engaging voice. He’s matched by the winsome Powell whose liquid voice caresses Stiff’s lovelorn ballads. But the standout is Chrisostomou who channels Tony Soprano’s sister and the wife in Married to the Mob.” Sun Sentinel


Mrs. Meers in Thoroughly Modern Millie, Broward Stage Door Theatre

“A thoroughly enjoyable Cari L. Chrisostomou as Mrs. Meers is very clear in her acting choices and going in and out of her accents.  Though a tad young for the role, she does it with more dexterity than more seasoned actresses.” Talkin’ Broadway

“Millie is a small-town Kansas girl who arrives in New York in 1922, not to become a star but to get a corporate job and marry the boss. She puts up at a hostel for actresses that’s run by the creepy Mrs. Meers (Cari L. Chrisostomou in an engaging performance). The hostel is a front used to kidnap women for the white slave trade in Hong Kong.” Sun Sentinel


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