BRIDE GUIDE: “The best things happen while you’re dancing….”

I cannot wait to embarrass my Hubs with this post. I saw my Hubs, shaking that ass. I saw him shaking it all over our condo. He would dance in his towel, when he made dinner, when he won his PS3 game, but what I wondered was how my Hubs-to-be would do when it was his time to shine for our first married dance.

Hubs and I have been to tons of weddings.  As a musical theatre performer, my dance skills are above average.  If I didn’t have all these curves (aka big butt and bigger boobs), I’d probably be a dancer in shows, not just a singer who can move. I am good, a little rusty, but still good.  I don’t shake it like I used to at a wedding but I definitely get my groove on. Hubs does too but he needs alcoholic elixir to help with his confidence.  I’ve watched his rhythm improve and his steps get cleaner over the years; he impresses me now.  We both wanted to do something traditional and old school classic for our first dance at our wedding. We were dancing to Frank Sinatra; how could we not be classy? Nothing too much, nothing choreographed, but just the general steps to lead us into that exciting moment when we dance for the first time as husband and wife in front of everyone we know.

I love a deal. If I see a great dress that fits well and is cute, I will buy it in four different colors. So I guess it is no secret that I love  Groupon makes the expensive seem possible for those of us with a more modest lifestyle.  I’ve bought everything from massages to fancy car rides to products on there.  LOVE GROUPON.  (PS it is also excellent for photobooths but I digress!)

I found a Groupon for a dancing lesson.  It was cheap, it wasn’t too far and it was for two private sessions of ballroom dance instructions. Saddle up, Hubs! I promised him we wouldn’t do anything too crazy but that learning the basics would be fun.  He was all for it.  We drove to the small, somewhat underwhelming, dance studio.  I was wearing a billowing skirt with a leotard and my fancy dance character shoes. Hubs was like what do I wear for this? We dressed him in jeans and dress shoes.  Casual. Keepin’ it low key. Our instructor was a stout Italian man who looked like he danced on clouds.  He was literally light as a feather even at 300 pounds.  He broke down a couple simple steps for us and we went over them one by one.  Hubs was actually enjoying himself!  The instructor did a great job of putting the pieces together. It was fun, making boxes on the floor and counting in time.  We put together a simple but easy routine to practice and improve upon before our next session. When we got home, we totally practiced in our living room. It was adorable. I can’t believe just how cute we were. We had another lesson with this Groupon.  So we show up for our brush-up and our lesson had been cancelled unbeknownst to us.  I wasn’t too sad about it being cancelled but more annoyed because of the wasted time. We didn’t feel like driving that far to go back to that studio so what did we do?

BOUGHT ANOTHER DANCE LESSON GROUPON.  This was for a studio way closer to us! We got two lessons from an awesome husband and wife team.  They literally mapped out a gorgeous but classic routine; they really helped Hubs and I imagine the big white dress that would also be swirling the dance floor with us. They gave him confidence to throw me around and to lead me in dance. At the end of these sessions we were pressured to buy packages which of course were not in the budget at that time of wedding planning.

Dance lessons are great for releasing pressure close to big day and my advice is to take them if you are both into it.  It has to be something you are both excited about for you to get something out of it.  Whether you are doing a crazy choreographed fast tune or just want some instructions on a simple waltz, do this together and have a night away from all the wedding planning. I would definitely recommend it to beginners all the way to advanced dancers!

We took away excellent lessons and guidance from these lessons in dance and in life as well.  Moreover, I feel like we had a romantic and carefree date night.  This wasn’t how we were used to communicating, saying to 1, 2, 3 step right with just our eyes and a light touch.  These lessons weren’t all about dance for us; it was about teamwork, couple style, and also about me letting Hubs take the lead.   I am Type A. I get things done. I like to be in control.  Hubs is chill and kind. He gets it done but on his own time. He can take control too but I don’t always let him. Our wedding taught me how to let go and let love. Our wedding showed me that things won’t always be perfect but they can still be great. I realized as these lessons went on and Hubs gave me a tug to spin me in close to him, that letting go and letting my man lead once in awhile felt pretty great.

On our wedding day, we didn’t use a routine.  We came together, we had each other, we were a team.  It was actually pretty magical as we swept gracefully over self designed, monogrammed dance floor. When he spun me around and my wedding dress billowed underneath me, thwapping him on the leg, I let go.  When he dipped me and my boobs were feeling a little freer, I let go.  When we stopped counting and just swayed, I let go and let love wash over me.  I let myself forget about being in control and let myself be a part of a team.  We danced our way through our first dance and many other dances since.  I let myself enjoy that every day I would have someone to face this crazy life with, to navigate both the good and bad times.  It feels great to have someone so amazing to dance through life with.  I’m pretty sure we’ll be doing that for a long time.  And what a dance it is…

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