Crock Pottery: Freezer Meals Take 1

Take 1!

So right after the first of the year, I was determined to start eating better. Let’s discuss later why I haven’t kept it up too great!  ANYWAY…..

Freezer meals became my new obsession. It was the perfect way to get my hubby and I into cleaner eating.  Sure, it would take a few hours to prepare but come on!  Perfect way to eat healthy despite our crazy lifestyle.  I scoured Pinterest and other sites until I had a ton of recipes to choose from for our trusty slow cooker. I had Hubs choose from the narrowed down options and I went shopping!  The bill for our regular groceries and all the extra stuff was about $200 since we had NOTHING in our house.  It was worth it and taught me a lot about buying for the next haul.  I only wish I had made more and used them all ever quicker.  Very excited for batch #2!

Here are the recipes we chose to start with for Take 1:

*Cilantro Lime Chicken with Black Beans and Corn from Six Sisters 

*Black Bean Taco Soup from Six Sisters

*Hearty Beef Stew from Six Sisters

*Pulled Pork Carnitas, a combined recipe from, like, six places

*Terriyaki Chicken, another combined recipe adjusted to our taste

The first one was dynamite and the Six Sisters know what they are doing.  SO GOOD!

Number 2 was amazing too especially when you add low-fat cheese and low-fat sour cream and serve it with Santitas chippies!

Number 3 was great but you really have to adhere to the timing. If left in the slow cooker too long, it can become dry. I like beef stew with some juices and maybe a roll.

Number 4 is currently defrosting. Saddle up for Pork Carnitas!

Number 5 was our favorite by far.  The recipe consisted of chicken (4-6 breasts), carrots, 1 onion, 1 can of pineapple with juice, minced garlic, salt and pepper to taste, and teriyaki sauce (no more than 1 cup). Throw it in a freezer bag and then when you are ready, defrost it overnight.  Cook in the crock pot for 6-7 hours on Low.  We were at work for a bazillion hours so we started it on Warm for over 6 hours and then on low for a few more.  I added a little bit more teriyaki sauce, less than 1/4 cup of brown sugar, and more salt and pepper.  Served over some long grain rice? YUMMO!

Now if only we defrosted them more often!  I want to try and use these more often. Here is to more Crock Pottery and slow cooking our way to summer and slimmer waistlines! Stay tuned for Take 2!

Picture 1: Step by step!

Picture 2: Completed meals split up for even more nights of deliciousness!

Picture 3: Cilantro Lime Chicken, not the best pic but SO GOOD!

Picture 4: Black Bean Taco Soup with sour cream and cheese mixed in! YUM!

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4

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