Case of the Mondays…. Wait, what day is it?

There is no avoiding it.  As I hum the popular 80s tune in my head, I feel anxious, fidgety, and ready to go home already.  It’s definitely Monday on this breezy Tuesday morning.

Monday mornings are never easy.  Whether you are working, staying home with a kiddo, or running errands, it’s the end of the weekend. I woke up yesterday and only had to work a short day.  It was unexpected. It was glorious. No case of the Mondays for me. I got to go home, get two errands done and even take a catnap before making dinner.

Today is Tuesday.  Happy Veteran’s Day!  Shouldn’t Tuesday be easier? I have to work a double shift which I don’t mind.  BUT Debbie Downer came out when I had to wake up early whilst my Hubs snoozed away on his fluffed up pillows. So for breakfast, this Debbie Downer ate a big, giant case of the jealous, crank-pot Mondays.



I blame some of it on the weekend.  “Everybody’s working for the weekend.”  We all just wait for those days, if we aren’t working, to play!  Saturdays and Sundays can be filled with shopping, pumpkin picking, baking, sightseeing, hiking, the gym, new restaurants, and other things. Wink, wink. After this awesome build up, how can we not dread the work week?


I blame some of it on the weather.  Living in the Northeast I expect the unexpected this time of year.  We’re tougher bitches after SuperStorm Sandy and Hurricane Irene, but we just never know what October and November will bring.  I just got over having a sniffle from the weather and then strep throat and a stomach bug.  Hot, cold, warm clothes, cool clothes, coat, no coat.  Hell, I’m confused so clearly my immune system has no idea what is going on.  It literally has gone on strike. I’ll live. Maybe.


I blame some of it on social media.  Reading Facebook is the worst addiction. Add in Instagram, Twitter, and TimeHop and whoa, ya got trouble, my friend.  How can we help but not read all the juiciness of everyone else’s life?  We are all silent stalkers.  If you deny it I will just judge you.  Silently.  Joe Schmoe hit the lottery and bought his dream house next door to a famous person.  Didn’t he have a mullet in college? Good for the Mullet Meister!  Jane Mane had a baby and walked the runway in 10 inch high heels whilst breastfeeding her baby. I hate that hoe but damn she looks good. Sam Sham posted about his political agenda, planning to gun down everyone who didn’t think exactly as he did. Whoa, scary, get him a Xanax. Emily Bemily got a promotion to her dream job after working hard for a bazillion years at the same company. Go, girl! I gotta call her. And Bitter Betty posted all about how your 30s are not really as great as our 20s.  How can we not read about everyone else’s lives when we have a case of the boring Mondays? Womp. Meh. All words like that.


The rest I blame on myself.  I am so not a morning person. No matter how many times I get up that early, my body  will always be like a teenager screaming that “it isn’t fair!” I’m a scheduler but not a routine person.  I don’t know if I will ever adjust to a normal work life.  I’m meant for the 8 show a week with a put in rehearsal on this day and then maybe a voice lesson this day and maybe a lunch date on this day. This morning stuff has never been for me.


And I take full responsibility for making my bed such a lovely place.  One of the best presents Hubs ever got me was a heated mattress pad.  It has dials for each side of our bed to adjust the temperature.  It was literally the best gift EVER, better than jewelry (sorry, honey!). I’m daydreaming of my bed with all of my smooshy pillows and my heated mattress pad with Hubs snuggled up next to me.  Not necessarily because I’m tired but more because that is my happy place, my place of relaxation, my zen den.



See how our brains are pulled in ten million different directions?  How can we not have a case of the Mondays after a weekend filled with social media, weird weather, and sleep in a comfy bed?  Luckily, I got rid of my case of the Mondays Tuesday. Today. You get it.  I chatted with some of my favorite guests and told them about spots to hit in their next city. Hands down my favorite guests, like, ever. I saw great news for a friend on Facebook. Yay. It’s not morning anymore. The weather is behaving. I’m not dying from the plague anymore. Huzzah. AND our new bedspread came in today so I’m getting closer and closer to trying it out!

The point of this blog? No point!  Just listen to Taylor: “Just think while you’ve been getting down and out about the liars and the dirty, dirty cheats of the world, You could’ve been getting down to this sick beat.” Shake it off and flip around your dose of the Mondays. On Tuesday.


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