Ants in my pants

For today’s blog, I think it needs to represent my current mood.  So often I’m goal oriented and driven and excited about everything that’s going on and I just can’t wait to share it with all of you.

Today I’m antsy.

I think the only way to illustrate this is to use visual aids, don’t ya think? 😉

anxious beeker

As Hubs and I count down the days until our big Europe trip, we literally cannot wait.

We talk of nothing else because vacation is everything.


Everything else can wait until we get back.  For the first time since our wedding, we feel like we have this amazing freedom to explore a brand new place. It’s fucking sexy. We slowly have come to the realization that this is actually HAPPENING.

 xtina oh yeah

This vacation has been years in the making.  It is our trip of a lifetime, our pre-have-a-baby, let’s be crazy trip.

We deserve it and we’ve worked hard for it.  We’ve never been to Europe before.


We’ve been laying out our clothes to pack and buying silly things online like adapters, SD cards and selfie sticks.

Getting ready has been fun, mainly because I’m a great packer.

mickey suitcase

And then I come to work. And all I think is….


I literally can’t sit still and am constantly trying to find things to keep me occupied.


I’m a concierge at Times Square hotels. So talking to people is in the job description.

   james earl

I talk about my vacation constantly to anyone who will listen.  But you know what?



fuck tis europe

Until then…

the lord is testing me

I sit for my long ass double shifts, waiting impatiently to go home and be one step closer to boarding that plane.

SpongeBob excited

I answer people’s questions, but I’m not really there.

harrison no

I’m so ready. I’m just waiting…

charlie i dont sleep i wait

Imagining all the things we’re going to see and do….


Trying to keep myself busy during the down time….

cheeks minions

When I get home, Hubs and I literally dance around in anticipation.

Winnie-the-Pooh excited

Counting down the days until we leave!


Only 4 more working days until we leave but who’s counting?

omg jon

And very soon, I’ll be working that last day of work before the big trip.

last day .

And it will be nothing short of this….

.30-Rock run awayants in her pants


And we’ll be leaving on a jet plane!

2015 is exceeding my expectations: happy life, reaching goals, releasing my album, great friends and family,

and now Hubs and I are taking it international!


taylor what

Yes, Taylor, it’s true. Shake it off!  Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

This was my insane brain today.  Enjoy it, folks.  The excitement only builds! There’s so much more crazy coming.

My publicist bestie told me I need to do a YouTube makeup tutorial.


It just might keep me busy until we leave!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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