BRIDE GUIDE: Bridezillas. We’ve all been there.

We all knew this post was coming. Dum da dum dum dummmmmmmmmmm! How could it not when we are surrounded by shows detailing every wedding process there ever was?  How could it not be when we all know AT LEAST one? Girl we have all been there!  So here she is, presenting…..

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BRIDE GUIDE: From the desk of a Wedding Officiant

I was raised Catholic.  I went to Sunday school.  I went to church, the later the better.  I even went to all girl’s Catholic high school.  I led the choir in song every First Friday of the month.  I was raised with religion and I always dreamed of it being a part of my wedding day.  I wanted to walk down the aisle of a beautiful church with stained glass windows and incense burning, with a fun-loving priest giving joyous blessings to this everlasting love that my husband and I shared.

This was not how it all went down.  And I couldn’t be happier about it.

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BRIDE GUIDE: “Friendly” vendors

Planning a wedding can be a full-time job.  It’s always an exciting but exhausting time.  You’re a bride! You want to invite everyone you love! You want everyone to cry and then dance til they drop! It takes months especially if you live around these parts! You live and breathe lists.  You make budgets. You pray that you pick the right people for such a big day.  You hope the reviews you read were true.  You post things on Facebook asking friends for suggestions. AND then you get the friend-ly vendors……

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BRIDE GUIDE: Celia Milton style


Celia Milton is brilliant.  Truly brilliant, balls to the walls clever, and full of awesome creativity.  I have never met anyone like her. She is my wedding officiant mentor in every sense of the word.  She is the reason I am a wedding officiant; she advised me on how to write a beautiful ceremony for people and taught me the ins and outs of this awesome side gig.  I’m so thrilled that I work with her but even more honored that she officiated over our own wedding. I had to share her awesome blog she wrote.  In general I have to share it because again, brilliant.

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BRIDE GUIDE: All I see is a sea of white….

Maybe I should start with all I see is red because finding my wedding dress was not a part of the planning I was looking forward to.  So many people say how magical it is and how you’ll just know.  I just knew I saved that until last. I wrote down my thoughts on the whole ordeal right after it happened and it is such an important share. Enjoy!

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Bride Guide: Shhhh it’s a big white secret!

When I found THE DRESS to wear on my wedding day, I deleted my entire wedding gown board from Pinterest.  I don’t think I have shared my affinity for Pinterest yet but don’t you worry, it’s coming!  For awhile there was no facebook, there was no Candy Crush, there was no phone- there was only Pinterest.  I was obsessed when I first joined and let abandoned my pinning to plan my wedding.  I’m back in full effect now though! Continue reading

Bride Guide: “You betta shop around!”

I wrote this exactly one year ago on my former blog.  I edited it to reflect my views now but I loved going back to that time in my life, planning for the big day! Continue reading