BRIDE GUIDE: Celia Milton style


Celia Milton is brilliant.  Truly brilliant, balls to the walls clever, and full of awesome creativity.  I have never met anyone like her. She is my wedding officiant mentor in every sense of the word.  She is the reason I am a wedding officiant; she advised me on how to write a beautiful ceremony for people and taught me the ins and outs of this awesome side gig.  I’m so thrilled that I work with her but even more honored that she officiated over our own wedding. I had to share her awesome blog she wrote.  In general I have to share it because again, brilliant.

Whilst planning a wedding, everyone is looking to save.  Whether your budget is 5K or 100K some things are not necessary and cut out, from necessity or disinterest.  I have to admit that while reading Celia’s list of 10 wedding non-essentials, I was guilty of most of them but only because I had budgeted for them!  I wanted them because I was being all bride–y and excited; it’s cool to do that for some things but when you gotta save some cash, throw the extras in the trash, loves.  (6 out of 10 ain’t too bad, right Celia?)


If you have a budget to stick to, use these tools to cut back!  I’ll definitely hit on this topic more in time with my DIY wedding blog coming soon.  I used some really smart ways to save but Celia tells you how in a no-nonsense way. Live and learn! Enjoy!


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