Boys and their toys

Electronicals. If you married a techie as I did, you probably have a multitude of different electronicals around the house. We have Wii, PS1, PS2, PS3, PS Move, PSMobile, DVD players, TVs, Apple TV, computers, tablets, iPhones, Androids, etc. etc. I’m not saying all of this so that someone will rob me.  I’m just astounded by just how many electronicals you can collect.  As technology is racing towards a finish line that will never come, how many electronicals will you welcome into your life? Are they taking over?

Boys love their toys.  My Hubs LOVES his video games, his car, and Apple TV but the Nexuus tablet is probably the best gift I ever bought him. He plays games, checks his emails, Skypes with his family, texts me, sends me pictures, shows me furniture, shows me houses, and so much more.  It helps him cool down after a long day at work.  My stepdad LOVES his boat and all things fishing; he is an Amazon and eBay addict, always ordering some new gadget or fishing lure. He also loves the apps on his phone, especially the ones with celebrity voices, and is always proud when he takes a great picture. My father loves his cars, his boat and any new gadget he can get his hands on; he too is an eBay freak. He uses his iPhone to constantly FaceTime his grandchildren. It’s the little things, folks. I too am a multi-Apple owner.  I use a computer at work all day, come home, FaceTime on my iPhone, and sit on my iPad unless I’m writing my blog on my Macbook. In all of these examples, nothing technological is taking place of anything in real life though.  If anything, it’s connecting us more. Hubs and I often will lie on our comfy couch with our heads touching.  With tablets in one hand, he’ll reach back and rub my head with the other. I sometimes give him a foot rub while I’m watching a youtube video or typing up a blog.  This doesn’t mean we aren’t talking or connecting.  We play virtual games together, show each other web discoveries, and send Snapchats.  We ARE present with each other.  We have long exhausting days and sometimes need just the touch of each other’s hand with some mindless entertainment to unwind.  I feel like my days have become over stimulated and when I’m home I want to de-stimulate. Does that make sense?


I was lounging around my quiet house today and I opened a drawer. It was full of wires. I mean to the brim of the basket drawer filled with wires, cords and adapters.  I closed it immediately. When you get new electronicals, upgrades or new, what happens to the old ones?  What do you do with yours?  I know that eventually when we move we will have to go through these drawers. I know my Hubs has gone through them.  I have a cord drawer myself.  What do we do with it all?  Where is the room for the new technology that is bound to follow? I sometimes make him go through the wires and he discovers a new one. Sometimes we don’t know if we recycle it or chuck it.


Our world is dependent on technology, wifi, and being connected.  I often find myself looking at REAL people and being almost overwhelmed.  We are so used to seeing them on a screen through articles, FaceTime, Facebook, emails, or texts. Where does it stop? Do we stop upgrading? Do we stop connecting? Do we put our foot down and say no more texting during dinner?


My simple answer is this: let the “boys” have their toys.  Stay connected with the people you love any way you can.  Share with them. Use these upgrades to upgrade your relationships instead of ignoring them.

The old toys though? Time to donate! Spring cleaning has arrived!

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