Bride Guide: Shhhh it’s a big white secret!

When I found THE DRESS to wear on my wedding day, I deleted my entire wedding gown board from Pinterest.  I don’t think I have shared my affinity for Pinterest yet but don’t you worry, it’s coming!  For awhile there was no facebook, there was no Candy Crush, there was no phone- there was only Pinterest.  I was obsessed when I first joined and let abandoned my pinning to plan my wedding.  I’m back in full effect now though!

That being said, I was editing some boards and stealing some stuff I wanted off of there around that time when I noticed, BOOM, there is my dress.  I don’t want the whole world seeing it before the big day. The key players will get a view but that’s all.   I wanted my husband to be completely surprised when I saw him in that gown that I chose to marry him in. It’s special. So I deleted the whole board. Some of my fave designers were on there like Allure, Demetrios, Maggie Sottero, Christina Wu, Stephen Yearick, etc, etc… Such good stuff, all gone! BUT I realize what an important dress I chose from thousands of gorgeous ones. Glad I picked what picked. It really was THE ONE just like HE is THE GUY. Perspective moment! Tingles.

On our wedding day I don’t remember the awwww from the crowd of our loved ones.  I remember standing with my parents and seeing all of my bridesmaids lined up in front of me crying.  I remember getting nervous then and there.  I remember seeing no one but my groom as I walked down that aisle.  I saw and heard nothing but him.  I made that moment ours and I will remember his eyes on me for the rest of my life. It’s not all about the dress; it’s how you feel in the dress.  My dress was a gorgeous Maggie Sottero, strapless ivory with pick-ups and a gorgeous train.  I felt like a Disney princess with an amazing rack.  And I was in that dress.  Had I worn a different one, I might have felt like Grace Kelly or Princess Diana but that wouldn’t have been me. When you pick your wedding dress, make sure you feel like the best version of yourself but just make sure it is you, sundress, ball gown, mermaid, or poncho! Your groom will look at his bride like my husband looked at me even if you are wearing a white tent. Love= Perspective.

Stay tuned in for how my dress fiasco went down. Tears, fears, insults, and mythbusters coming straight atcha!

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