Bride Guide: Vendors: DISCLAIMER

Ok so this subject can get touchy.  So here is my friendly disclaimer.

Your vendors are the people you work with on your big day.  Do you really know what they are like until after the big day? No but we sure hope they will be amazing.  You literally have to open your heart and trust that people deliver on what they promise.  I’m a trusting person and I truly adore the people I have chosen to work with.  Some of them weren’t the highest reviewed or most well known but we knew from meeting them and interacting with them that they cared about our big day.  What else matters?  I can now attest after working with them that they were all FABULOUS.  I was thrilled with everyone.  I chose right.

That being said, what happens to the vendors you didn’t use?  The ones that you didn’t book because they treated you horribly or the ones you wanted to book because they were amazing but out of your price range or they didn’t have exactly what you wanted? and are THE BEST ways to look up reviews on vendors. You cannot review vendors on these sites unless you had a contract with the vendor.  In a way it doesn’t help the people still shopping around. Sometimes you gotta name names.

I will name names on this site but only when necessary.  I am not out for blood but some people weren’t nice when I was wedding planning.  There are scammers out there brides! The people I report on (good and bad) will be because I started working with them or had interactions with them personally.  Good vendors deserve to be bragged about and bad ones… well, they need to be shouted out but honestly. No embellishments, just the straight account of what went down. I’ll be honest with you, readers… We all have stories to tell.

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