This month got me like…

As a type A, listmaking multi-tasker, it is in my very nature to take on a lot.  I’ve learned to handle stress better as I’ve gotten older. Good old experience!  However, being all of these things while pregnant got me like…



From this knocked up chick who STILL has a touch of the babybarf in month 6, I’m incredibly proud of myself for not losing my mind or my shit. I have jam-packed working full time, 8+ weddings to work, family/friend events, out of town visitors, 5 doctor’s appointments, and my baby shower in the next 5 weeks. I just might have the above face on until it’s all over and I get to escape on a baby moon with my husband.

Giant yay for good stuff! That is a giant WHEW for this soon to be third trimester lady!

I plan to handle it all like this gal. A boss.


I guess I’m asking for the serenity to not kill people who can’t get their shit together and those who just annoy me.  This diva is knocked up and taking names so make way!



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