Ummm I forgot…

Yesterday was my birthday.  Hold the applause.  I’m not too big on my birthday.  If my mother, my husband and my facebook hadn’t reminded me, I don’t think I would have a clue how old I am.  I definitely don’t feel my age but I feel like my birthday becomes less and less of a big deal as I age. With over 300 facebook greetings, I can hardly say that it feels small.  I definitely feel the love from friends dropping me a line and especially from my dearies who go out of their way to do something special for me. My hubs, mom, stepdad, girlfriends and bestie Elliot made it extra special this year.

Elliot and I talk every day at work.  Today we were discussing scrunchies and he sent me this.


I told him I wanted to live my life through gifs.  So I decided to document the large range of emotions that I go through on my birthday, gif style. I dedicate this blog today to him. Thank you for the inspiration, work husband. 🙂


I usually start off my birthday with a little of this….


Then we go here.

kill me

I try to psych myself up for the day and Hubs always helps.


So I’m like okay!


Then I remember this.

cameron diaz

And decide to…

angryt bed

But think I look like this….





Everyone around me is like…



It’s your birthday!



So I give in.


But it doesn’t last too long.

what is my life

And I feel like I hear a lot of this….

make babies

And this.


So I get like this.


But then I remember.

prime woman


Prime, bitches, prime.



And there are presents.



And cake.


And on social media everyone is saying…


So thanks for the birthday love.


And until next year when I’m like this.


I’ll twirl and enjoy my emotions.



But now just….

tommy boy


The end.

Tune in for my diagnosis as Broadway bi-polar or just another woman in her 30s.




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